National Junior Honor Society

NJHS logo featuring a blue and silver torch, and an orange background featuring white school supply icons in a pattern.

About NJHS

The Emily Gray Junior High School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society is a student organization founded on the principles of ScholarshipService, Leadership, Character, and Citizenship. Membership in NJHS is an honor and an achievement that positively reflects a student's accomplishments and character as an Emily Gray Bobcat. As members of the NJHS, students serve as a leaders at Emily Gray as they organize and participate in service projects and events that benefit the school and larger community.

Direct any questions about the Emily Gray NJHS to the faculty adviser Miss Baechler.

Membership Commitments 

As members of the Emily Gray NJHS, students must remain committed to the five principles of the NJHS: 

  • Scholarship: Engage in learning and maintain a high GPA
  • Service: Contribute a minimum of 20 individual service hours throughout the school year
  • Leadership: Be involved as student leaders and participate in school-sponsored events/projects; regularly attend and participate in the NJHS meetings
  • Character: Demonstrate the highest qualities of character and serve as role models of ROAR (Responsibility, Ownership, Attitude, and Relationships)
  • Citizenship: Be active and supportive citizens of our school community, earning high marks for Citizenship on grade reports

    The Selection Process

    The application window for the Emily Gray NJHS is currently closed.

    Only 8th graders may serve as members of the Emily Gray NJHS. Students may apply for membership in the Spring during the 4th quarter of their 7th grade year. To be considered for membership in the Emily Gray NJHS, students must:

    • Complete an online application (and submit it on time)
    • Have a minimum 3.5 GPA throughout their 7th grade year (to be verified by the faculty adviser)
    • Exhibit the ideals of the NJHS: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, and Citizenship
    • Receive 2 faculty recommendations

    After students complete the application process, the Emily Gray faculty are asked to review qualified candidates based on their leadership, character, and citizenship. All faculty input and student applications are then shared with the 5-member Faculty Council (which does not include the faculty adviser). New members are selected and confirmed by a majority vote of the Faculty Council, and then inducted at a special ceremony.  

    (Additional application windows may be added to accommodate new students and other circumstances.)